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Education and research play a key role in the rise and fall of nations. If the Europe after waking up from a dream of negligence, can build the building of development and rise, on the foundations of research and knowledge catered by Muslims. So, today we also have to make glorious future of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah through research.

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Has Post 9/11 era become a criterion?

Post 9/11 era has become a criterion for the interrelationship of the west and the Muslim world. In this perspective the terms like Islamophobia, war of ideas, clash of civilizations, crusades, war against terror, fundamentalism and Islamic fascism are commonly used in the press and social media. If we look deep into such intellectual trends and movements, it is found that main target of the war of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and other Muslim countries, is the person of the holy Prophet Muhammad, in the background. One of the Christian thinkers has said that: “if you want to understand the Muslim you must understand the person of their prophet Muhammad”. Because Muslims worship their Prophet. That is why Islam is known as Muhammadanism. Apostates preferred Jewish, Christian and Liberal literature of the west over Islamic philosophy and teachings. It is in itself a huge movement against the philosophy of Islam. They propagate in the foreign societies against Islam and being insiders point out the demerits of Islam as a religion. They assign their personal dissatisfaction of Islamic dogma, the reason of their rebellion against Islam. The west is the best encourager and entertainer of such people. The west is preparing and training a new regiment of fighters against the very religious base of Islam. Such people being insiders and giving so-called authentic criticism are providing a heavy attack on the Islamic society launched by the west. 

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Modernity and Post-Modernity in Islam

Post-modernity is the only concept which is not subject to any principle or literary terminology. It can be said that post modernity is free from all bonds and has no definite definition as far as the humanity and post modernity are concerned with each other. The country or society which tries to adopt post-modernity loses its own personification as Huntington has said“The next ‘conflict’ would be between the west and Islamic nations. Islam has bloody borders

The Concept of Sufism in Islam

A religion has two aspects, visible and non-visible; Rituals and spirituality respectively. . Rituals are the most observable dimension while spirituality is the total some of beliefs which is highly non-observable. The Study would focus on the objectives are; 1) to define the concept of Sufism, 2) to analyze the history of Sufism and to provide the works of various non-Muslim scholars (Pinna Werbner, Gilsenon, Lindholm, Spencer, Wanbrough etc) on the concerned fields; as well as Muslim authorities on the same subject.

The Concept of Human Rights in Islam

Human rights have their biblical references in the early history of humanity. Although a variety of tribal human rights systems existed before this. History of western philosophy, early Chinese social thought and Greek contribution played its due role. In the western society the social contract theory of Hobbs, Lock, Russo and the Marxist perspective played an important form of the development of human rights importance. But these human rights were considered purely western phenomena.

The Concept of Gender Equality in Islam

In Islam a woman’s chastity has to be respected and protected under all circumstances, whether she belongs to our own nation or to the nation of an enemy, whether we find her in the wild forest or in a conquered city; whether she is our co-religionist or belongs to some other religion or has no religion at all. A Muslim cannot outrage her under any circumstances. All promiscuous relation-ship has been forbidden to him, irrespective of the status or position of the woman, whether the woman is a willing or an unwilling partner to the act. The words of the Holy Qur’an in this respect are: “Do not approach (the bounds of) adultery

The Concept of Freedom of Expression and limits of dissent ; Hisbah

Freedom of expression being a basic human right has a deep root in the classical history and sources of Islam. Obscene criticism is discouraged while basic human and civil rights are open to be expressed and to be heard. Propagation of virtue is precedential in Islam while vice versa is prohibited because of the Islamic moral bonds. Islamic regulations allow every citizen to criticize even the highest hierarchy of the government and it is incumbent upon every Muslim member to point out the allowable and unallowable personal freedoms and actions. 

The Concept of Democracy and Islam

Islam has invited a highly flexible and wide range political system. The first caliph after the Holy Prophet was elected by the companions. Second caliph was nominated by the first caliph. The third caliph was selected by special committee formed by the second caliph. Fourth caliph was also elected by the companions and a split of opinion happened which brought forward the two caliphs simultaneously, into the two different Islamic regions. All of the above mentioned precedents are Islamic in their nature with the most important and compulsory addition of sovereignty of God, imposition of Shari’ah and consultancy and deliberation as a methodology ‘Bai’at or Al-Bay’ah’is the common methodology in all the above mentioned precedents which defines the democratic practice of Islam.

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